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On a cold day in December 2009, a troupe of eager Kate Bush fans and interpretive dancing enthusiasts gathered in Bristol to help promote Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory which is being published March 2010.

The result is this epic five minute trailer, made by the endlessly talented Emma Thatcher. Enjoy!


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This is the first press release for Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory, which will be published by HammerOn Press in March 2010. Let me know what you think!

A new book, Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory by Deborah M. Withers, that provides the first in-depth engagement with the philosophy of Kate Bush’s music, is being published in March 2010.

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory will present Kate Bush as you have never seen her before. Here is the polymorphously perverse Kate, the witchy Kate, the queer Kate; the Kate who moves beyond the mime.

Since Bush burst into the public eye in 1978, her fans and admirers have been fascinated by the endless mysteries of her music. She is a pop star whose brain and imagination have inspired, delighted and comforted millions. Former Sex Pistol John Lydon recently said that Bush ‘supplies me with all the clues and it’s up to me put the answers together.’ Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory is one personal response to these clues. Written by a queer woman in her late 20s, its answers are delivered in a unique way.

Through in-depth readings of the often critically neglected works of Bush’s career (The Kick Inside, Lionheart, The Dreaming, The Red Shoes and her film The Line, the Cross and the Curve), Withers guides the reader through the complexity of Bush’s art and how it transformed popular culture.

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory makes theory accessible to new audiences. Drawing on cutting edge feminist philosophy, critical theory and queer studies, the author uses Bush’s music to demonstrate how these often abstract ideas can be applied to everyday life. Through rigorous analysis of the music, film, video and dance of Kate Bush, it breaks down boundaries between the academic and popular, showing that theory can be sordid, funny and relevant – despite what most people think.

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory is being published by HammerOn Press, a publishing company set up by Withers herself. She is capitalising on the latest developments in print-on-demand (POD) technology and the economic recession, two important factors which are seeing more and more aspiring authors turn to self-publishing as a way to get their work published and widely read.

Self-publishing using POD technology is also attractive since it carries a low carbon footprint – books are literally only printed when somebody orders one. Simply put, with POD technology, publishing books has never been cheaper, easier or more ethical.

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If you can’t read the question properly it says:

On 11th September 2001, two planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York, killing more than 3,000 people.

a. I feel this was a good thing to do

b. I feel this was a bad thing to do

I guess it is one of the biggest questions of our times.

In schools in Cardiff teenagers are being tested for political extremism. The test is conducted through a series of multiple choice questions like the one I have posted above.

Other image based questions include photographs of people from a range of ethnicities and cultures. The question asks whether if they saw this person on the street they would ignore , attack, like or dislike them.

A few other examples of the questions the test asked are as follows:

To judge and hold a bad view about someone before you even know them is:

a. equality
b. discrimmination
c. scapegoating
d. prejudice

A person’s attitudes and behaviour shows prejudice , discrimmination or extremism. That person can be described as displaying:

a. harmony
b. tolerance
c. intolerance
d. acceptance

I especially love the last question.

A person who wants to live in harmony with people of difference races and cultures is:

a. tolerant
b. extremist
c. Islamophobic
d. prejudiced

Expect the test to come to an inner-city school and possibly your workplace sometime soon….

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