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My new favourite toy is a digital video camera. I’ve never been much of a visual person, but now things are changing. I find myself having ideas for little films, and I’m just enjoying documenting things in creative ways.

This video is an example of this. The footage was filmed at a show we played with jelas & the hysterical injury in bath. The venue itself, the St. James Wine Vaults, lends itself to the intimate engagement depicted in the film.

I’m really pleased because it captures part of my personal experience of watching (the) jelas.

When (the) jelas play there is so much going on, you get sucked into the intensity of what one person is doing and then you’ll switch because the other person is screaming or changing the direction of the music and you have to play catch up. It’s a miracle how the multiple elements in their music hold together but they more than do. What is important is that they are held together with an insane smile that unhinges you in the best possible way.

I also especially like the way Annie Gardiner from the Hysterical Injury says ‘Oh My God’ at the end of the film like she’s had the best orgasm ever. Enjoy.


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