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Fierce Liverpudlian queer performer Ste McCabe played the Drunk Granny song ‘Everyone Hates Queers’ from our 2007 album Postcards for Auntie Julie on his two hour radio show on Internet radio station, Dandelion Radion.

Ste is quite a radio personality. Babbling to listeners between the songs he lovingly plays, whilst taking sips from his fake Lambrini. The radio show is being broadcast throughout November. You can also listen to songs from bands like Husbands and classics from Smartypants.

Go on, have a listen!


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A few weekends ago, Drunk Granny recorded our second full length album. We are calling it ‘Music for Archives’.

The album was recorded by Michal Cupid and will be released on Local Kid February 2010.

We gave the album this name to reflect the different conditions in which women and queers create, record and release music in low profit, do it yourself contexts. Although this album stands the chance of being our most widely distributed yet as it is being released on a proper D.I.Y label (rather than on cdrs we made ourselves), we want to highlight the importance of women and queers recording music not necessarily for commercial distribution, but for the sake of having something permanent committed to record. We want to conjure the sense of our music being living, breathing, archival material that is preserved in the present.

As a band we have always been very keen to record the music we create. We do not want to deliberately erase ourselves from history as many queer, women, D.I.Y bands have done because their music is not supported by the mainstream, capitalist music industry, or by male-dominated alternative scenes; or that the simple bustle of life gets in the way of getting recordings done, or if working relationships break down, as they often do. We also want to put more queer women’s voices out there so our experience stands a greater chance of getting heard.

To reflect this, we will also be making our other releases available online in February so they can be accessible. We want to take pride in our legacy amidst the fragility of its production, and we encourage other bands and artists in similar positions to do the same.

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Drunk Granny played our first ever radio session today on Ruth Barnes’s, ‘The Other Woman’ show on Resonance FM. It took place from 7-8 pm on Wednesday, 7th October and an archive of the show can be listened to here.

The Other Woman is UK’s only all female playlist, and the show takes seriously women’s marginalisation within the music business.

We both had a wonderful time talking to Ruth Barnes, and found her an inspiring person who is clearly not scared to tell it like it is. Her questions really opened up a lot of space to talk about our experiences as queer women trying to find spaces to perform in unsupportive music scenes dominated by men.

We hope she continues to be curious and give a platform for more women to communicate their musical, artistic and political messages.

Here is a video of us performing ‘texture’ on the radio.

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